About The Last Session

The Last Session is a project by The Session that exists of a publication, a radio station, a cinema program, three parties and an exhibition.
The Last Session will take place at Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond in Amsterdam from September 18th until October 18th 2009.

Thematically The Last Session focuses on the aesthetics of endism. Endism in our culture embraces many forms, and partially touches everyone’s life in its connection with death. Endism is an attitude as much as a myth, a sense of foreboding as much as a given story, an orientation to ultimate concerns as much as a commitment to a specific end time narrative. Endism describes the future location and deepest yearnings of the self. Endism is process and vision. It cuts against all logic, is usually mystical, and may become magical. Themes related to The Last Session are: fear, hope, apocalypse, conflict, war, loss, despair, disappearance, mythology, belief, aliens, UFO’s, survival, psychology, psychoanalysis, sociology, existentialism, suicide, sects…

The Last Session was curated by Jan Van Woensel.

Participating artists:
Tomas Adolfs, Stephan Balleux, Paulien Barbas, Delphine Bedel, Staffan Björk, YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES, Fia Cielen, Christine Clinckx, Martha Colburn, Orpheu de Jong, Hadassah Emmerich, FIENDEN, Andrea Galvani, Tony Garifalakis, Joris Ghekiere, ioulex, Gert Jan Kocken, Experimental Jetset, Matthias Kreutzer, Alexandra Leykauf, Jen Liu, Liesbeth Marit, Kalle Mattsson, Oskar Nilsson, Nick Oberthaler, Dear Reader, Rafael Roozendaal, Kalle Runeson, Etta Säfve, Steve Schepens, Jens Schildt, Seher Shah, Helmut Stallaerts, Tarja Szaraniec, Monica Tormell, Dennis Tyfus, Philippe Vandenberg, Chad VanGaalen, Filip Vervaet, Anne Wenzel, Fabio Wuytack

Exhibition: 19.09.–18.10.09

Opening: 18.09.09, 18:00hrs

Release party: 18.09. & 19.09.09, 20:00hrs
With Adolfs Butler (Live), Experimental Jetset (DJ), FNNN (DJ), Ignatz (Live, BE), 1982 (Live, BE), Moon & Sun (Live)

Lecture: Curating with the apocalypse in mind: 19.09.09, 16:00hrs

Finissage: Last Night On Earth, 17.10.09, 21:00
With David Gilmour Girls, King Kong Kobra (Live), My Little Soundsystem, Marco & Orpheo, and more to be announced…


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